LeadMS stand for Lead Management System. A system that makes both marketers and salespeople happy. It keeps all your leads in one centralized, customizable database. LEADMS is a prosess acquiring and managing leads (potential customers) until the point where they make a purchase.

And best of all, it’s FREE to register!

Don’t get bogged down by the sheer number of leads to handle. Use LEADMS to automate lead generation from multiple sources like websites, chats and social media. Distribute them to the right reps and ensure you don’t miss out on converting quality leads to closure.



Missed follow-ups

Sales reps are forgetting to make a follow-up call or text messages, making the prospect feel neglected and move to a competitor.

Your business has become too big for your system

Most small businesses are undergoing growth, and it is for this reasin that you need to use leadms.

Have hard time asking salespeople the lead report

The worst thing that could happen to a salesperson during this partof the process is they act instantly preparing the report.

Grow Your Business With LeadMS

Manage Leads Without Hassle.



No need to save number

Will not missed follow-ups

Free sign-up

Free sign-up



Improve productivity

Saves time

Frequently Asked Question

LeadMS is a lead management system that helps you organise your leads efficiently and win more deals.

LeadMS will help you to manage your leads efficiently without any hassle. When you are engaging with your customer, you need to handle them properly. Here we are to help manage them to serve them rightly

LeadMS will help in terms of your business team to grow faster. When your team managed to handle leads properly, then more leads will come to your business.

You will have your own LeadMS Dashboard to manage your leads. All tutorials are provided for you to get started.

Managing Leads
Without The Hassle